Getting Started

For Gender and Climate Change Specialists

Regardless of your background, if this is the first time you are using the Sourcebook, you will want to at least skim the following sections:

Gender and climate change specialists responsible for designing the gender component of a CCA project proposal may wish to go initially to Section 6, Table 1: Checklist for Gender-Sensitive CCA Proposals, which gives a helpful overview of gender elements relevant to each major section of a typical climate change adaptation proposal.

Then you may wish to focus directly on Section 7: Sectoral Modules, which summarizes key gender analysis topics for climate-relevant sectors and recommends entry points and indicators. The sector modules covered are agriculture; forestry/watershed management; biodiversity conservation; coastal water resources and fisheries; water, sanitation and hygiene; health; energy; transport; and urban programs.

You may also find Section 8: Case Studies of Sectoral Projects using Gender Best Practices useful, as it presents concise case studies of gender mainstreaming for each of the priority sectors from Section 7.

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