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Integrating Gender

In Climate Change Adaptation Proposals

Developed by USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific and hosted by the Asia-Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN), the Sourcebook is a live document that will be periodically updated.

This Sourcebook is intended to be used mainly by individuals and teams who prepare large-scale climate change adaptation (CCA) project proposals. The Sourcebook provides readers with tools to help answer the question, "How do we best go about incorporating gender considerations into our CCA proposal?"

We understand that Sourcebook readers will come from a wide array of backgrounds, including gender specialists, CCA specialists, engineers, economists and others. You will find that each section of the Sourcebook is self-contained; we expect that you will go directly to those sections, tools, and sectors of particular relevance to your work.

As a general guide, we have suggested below sections of the Sourcebook that may be particularly useful to readers. The first set of suggestions is for those readers who are gender and CCA specialists, while the second set, will be helpful for non-specialists.

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