3.4 Front-end gender mainstreaming: proposal preparation

Experience with gender mainstreaming over the past 30 years suggests that
early attention
 to gender issues in the project cycle is key to achieving both sectoral and gender equality outcomes. These measures include gender-sensitive data collection and analysis;inclusion of gender expertise on design, proposal, and project teams;identification of culturally appropriate and effective gender strategies based on gender data;assignment of dedicated budget for gender activities or components;gender indicators and targets;and gender-sensitive results monitoring. These actions are summarized in Table 3 in Section 6.

Proposal preparation, which is the focus of the Sourcebook and the USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific Project, is where “the rubber meets the road”in terms of a future project’s gender commitments. A focus on gender issues and plans with stakeholders at the front end of the project cycle, including attention to how gender-specific barriers can be addressed, builds wider ownership for project activities and broader replication. Without explicit attention to social and gender issues and specific strategies, projects have unintentionally further exacerbated existing social and gender inequalities.