Each section of the Sourcebook is self-contained. We expect that most readers will go directly to those sections, tools, and sectors of particular relevance to their work:

  • Sections 3–5 describe the background for the development of the Sourcebook (Section 3) and the key assumptions made about CCA proposal preparation and gender mainstreaming (Section 4), and offer a glossary of terminology used in the Sourcebook (Section 5). Readers less familiar with gender issues may want to review the glossary before reading other sections.
  • Section 6 provides a summary checklist (Table 1) for addressing gender within typical CCA proposal sections, as well as summarizing gender-related data needs and monitoring, and providing links to gender tools. This information is framed by the requirements and guidance available for six multilateral climate funds.
  • Section 7 summarizes key gender analysis topics for climate-relevant sectors and recommends entry points and indicators. The sector modules covered are agriculture;forestry/watershed management;biodiversity conservation;coastal water resources and fisheries;water, sanitation and hygiene;health;energy;transport;and urban programs.
  • Section 8 offers 10 concise case studies of gender mainstreaming for each of the priority sectors from Section 7.
  • Section 9 provides ToRs for both international and host country gender specialists for different types of CCA assignments to collect gender-related data or influence decision-making processes.
  • Section 10 is drawn from an existing resource that highlights when to use a Gender-Sensitive Stakeholder Analysis. Sources for other gender methodologies are referenced in Section 6.
  • In Section 11, the CCA-relevant gender resources from international and Asia-Pacific regional sources, are presented in Table 16 so that a proposal writer can easily find a source of sectoral or country-specific gender information.
  • The Sourcebook bibliography is presented in References.
  • In Send Feedback (User Feedback and Contributions), we offer Sourcebook users the opportunity to tell us how they have used the Sourcebook for proposal preparation or other activities, which sections were most helpful, and what improvements should be made during future revisions. We would like to hear about the proposal adjustments that you make to address gender issues and strategies and the gender outcomes that are achieved during implementation. We also would welcome contributions of your gender-sensitive CCA proposals, ToRs for gender experts on different types of CCA projects, and reports about gender-related results during project implementation.